chemical peels and facials

Glycolic Peel



 Glycolic acid is known for brightening and firming the skin 


  • Great for firmin of the skin
  • Anti-ageing
  • Helps brighten the skin
  • Clearer skin appearance
  • Helps reduce pore size
  • Great resurfacing treatment
  • Smoother skin

Lactic Acid


  Lactic acid is known for effectively hydrating skin


  • Enlarged pores
  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Sun damage and pigmentation
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Spots and breakouts
  • Inflammation and acne
  • Mild scars
  • Dehydrated and dry skin
  • Rosacea

Salliicylic Acid



  • Helps in the reduction of acne
  • Unclogs open pores
  • Removes the dead skin cells from the skin’s surface
  • Reduces the skin dullness
  • Exfoliates the sun damaged skin
  • Decreases the age spots
  • Diminishes post-acne redness and inflammation
  • Brightens the skin by addressing the above problems. chemical peels mayfair london

Chemical Peels and Facials


 Hyperpigmentation and discolouration
Malesma is a common skin condition in which light to dark brown or greyish pigmentation develops on the face. Mandelic acid has been shown to reduce melasma by as much as 50% in four weeks, resulting in a more evenly coloured complexion.

Mandelic acid’s antibacterial properties are extremely helpful in treating acne.  It also helps to regulate sebum production and in turn decrease the occurrence of breakouts. Mandelic acid has even been shown to benefit those who suffer from cystic acne.

TCA Peel


 TCA peels have many benefits that go beyond improving the texture and tone of the skin. TCA peels help treat the following skin concerns–

  • Reducing brown spots and age spots
  • Decreasing melasma
  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Treating sun damaged skin
  • Imparting a healthy glow to the skin
  • Reducing leathery texture

Dermaquest Kojic Bright Surfacer


The benefits that result from the AHA Kojic Peel improves skin tone, texture and clarity, reductions of acne, clogged pores, shallow wrinkles, fine lines, melasma, and hyper-pigmentation. It also increases collagen and elastin production 








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Glycolic Peel 1 Treatment      £80.00

Glycolic Peel (3 for 2) 3 Treatments £160.00

Glycolic Peel (6 for 4) 6 Treatments £320.00

Saliicylic Peel 1 Treatment £110.00

Salliicylic 3 Treatments £200.00  

TCA Peel 1 Treatment £200.00

Mandelic Treatments £200.00

Dermaquest Kojic Brite Resurfacer  £200.00

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